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Ground Floor, Laiboni Center, Lenana Road, Kilimani

We serve individual clients at our location at Ground Floor, Laiboni Center, Lenana Road, Kilimani. We serve lunch and breakfast from Monday to Saturday. We meet the need of office workers to have fresh and delicious food served at their comfort.

We present you with a rare chance of pure indulgence through our delicious, nutrient-rich and irresistible chef-crafted daily lunch menus.
Whether you are taking the meal at home or in the office, we will give you an unforgettable eating experience that will create a long lasting impression even way beyond the meal.
Our artistic and culturally inspired chefs use fresh cut local and natural ingredients. That means you have irresistible and amazing food every day.

We believe that delicious, healthy and thrilling food stands at the intersection of great eating experience and a convenient life with freer time of focusing on other important tasks of life. At Rising Star, we conveniently present a mix of affordability, high-quality and fresher food.

We also offer delivery to offices on request. Our delivery service is reliable and quick . We offer different payment methods including MPESA, Master Card, Visa Card e.t.c Our food quality is consistent and dependable and that is why our customers keep coming back.

  • Delivery to offices
  • Service at Restaurant’s Location


For delivery, please call 0713141414 / 0723245609